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Fashion Illustration is the art of communicating fashion ideas in a visual form that originates with illustration, drawing and painting and also known as Fashion sketching. It is used mainly by fashion designers to brainstorm their ideas into paper or computer, using digital softwares like adobe photoshop and illustrator, which helps them to communicate easily with their team. and fashion sketching plays a major role in designing to preview and visualize designer thoughts and make decisions before going to actual clothing to reduce any wastage.[1] Apart from fashion designers, fashion illustrators get commissioned for reproduction in fashion magazines as one part of an editorial feature or for the purpose of advertising and promoting fashion makers, fashion boutiques and department stores.
Fashion illustration has been around for nearly 500 years. Ever since clothes have been in existence, and there has been a need to translate an idea or image into a fashion illustration. Not only do fashion illustrations show a representation or design of a garment but they also serve as a form of art. Fashion illustration shows the presence of hand and is said to be a visual luxury. (Drake, 9).

More recently, there has been a decline of fashion illustration in the late 1930s when Vogue began to replace its celebrated illustrated covers with photographic images. This was a major turning point in the fashion industry. Laird Borrelli, author of Fashion Illustration Now states,

Fashion Illustration has gone from being one of the sole means of fashion communication to having a very minor role. The first photographic cover of Vogue was a watershed in the history of fashion illustration and a watershed mark of its decline. Photographs, no matter how altered or retouched, will always have some association with reality and by association truth. I like to think of them [fashion Illustrations] as prose poems and having more fictional narratives. They are more obviously filtered through an individual vision than photos. Illustration lives on, but in the position of a poor relative to the fashion.
Process of Fashion Illustration
A designer starts with an inspiration and brainstorm ideas to rough sketches on sketchbook.These rough sketches are then transferred to croquis and rendered to a fashion sketch applying the texture, color, pattern and details with the help of art materials.
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Photoshop,After Effects,Priemere Pro

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Please Raise your helping hands to make our project live

About the project

We are working on a web animation and comic/Motion comic series on historical and mythological (known and less known) characters who sacrificed their life in the name of humanity and in martyrdom.

Through this animation series not only we want to entertain audience by depicting very interesting stories also we will try to educate people with less known facts about their life/journey and stories.

We want to start with well known character Bheema from epic mahabharata Series name (BHEEMA and his wonder stories)

stories like how Bheema met hanumaan first time,second in row rishi mraga vs bheema and other interesting stories of him.

less known characters e.g Gora Badal, sacrificed their life to save chittorh (Rajasthan) and the queen padmavati,Bachitra singh a sikh martyr from guru GOBIND SINGH ji’s Army and so on.

About the team/skills reqired in the project

Director-Bhupendra Ahluwalia

Skills self driven:-

Animation screenplay writer,2D/3D concept artist ,background and character developer and Animator

Please raise your helping hands to make our project successful

we need to pay pre-production/Post production studios and to individual skills as required:-

2D and 3D Animators,Editors,Digital illustrators backgrounds),VFX,SFX Artists,Voice over/Mimicry Artists etc.

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My Guru’s Blessings – Book Eleven


Easy-to-understand prayers for your little one. Each lesson is paired with beautiful art and quotes from Gurbani that connect your child with the Sikh holy book Sri Guru Granth Sahib ji. Your child will learn to live Guru ji’s teachings and walk with Waheguru ji in everything they do each day.

Bi-lingual book in English and Punjabi (Gurmukhi)

Age: 3 – 10 years

Lessons in this book:

1. Coming and Going

2. Have Mercy

3. God is Very Great

4. Enjoy It

5. Add Goodness

6. Don’t Stumble

7. A Peaceful Feeling

8. Always Waheguru’s Child

9. Sweet Words

10. Need Direction

11. Like Raindrops

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